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GEAL [gaelic] - white, clear, bright, pure

Expertly distilled on Islay

ISLAY RUM GEAL is a full-bodied flavoursome spirit inspired by rums with origins spanning Haiti, Jamaica and the French West Indies but with an intense Scottish twist. 

Bottled at 45% vol, this is a delicious and distinctive tasting unaged rum which can easily be enjoyed neat and will also work well in a classic daiquiri or simple rum and coke.

We have a good feeling, that the strong flavours of this unique and more-ish spirit will form the base of many innovative drinks for years to come....

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An intensely smoky taste experience unlike any other rum in existence

Expertly distilled on Islay

Unaged Spiced Rum  :  40% Alc/Vol  :  Small batch

Nose:  Smoky orange zest, hints of candied ginger, liquorice and anise.

Palate:  Orange, rich chocolate, subtle vanilla, star anise and all spice

with smoke at the end.

Finish:  Like a smoked liquid Christmas cake with rich dark chocolate

running through it.

Islay Rum Peat Spiced has a core of orange, ginger and cacao nibs

amongst other secret ingredients. Smoked over a peat fire, the result is

an intensely smoky taste experience unlike any other rum in existence.

A true reflection of its Islay roots.

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***ONLY 165 BOTTLES***

Ùine Mhòr [gaelic] - Long time

Expertly distilled on Islay

Small batch, long fermentation FPD single rum

Only 165 bottles produced :  55% abv

This limited edition FPD is the result of

several long fermentations using matured under, native bacteria and two distillers yeast strains.

The first in a series of experimental fermentation batches - allowing you to join us in our exploration of the wider side of ISLAY RUM!

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We are working on lots of funky and interesting new ISLAY RUM releases.

Follow us on our socials to be in the know!

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